Difuzor za Blic - Canon Nikon Sony mod3.

Difuzor za Blic - Canon Nikon Sony mod3.

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Postavljen: 03/07/2018

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100% brand new and high quality
For soft indirect flash light use the pure white size.
For greater range and spectral highlights use the silver size.
With elastic band, easy to install and use.

Type: Reflector
Material: PU & PE Plate
Color: Silver & white
Net weight: 63g

Package Includes:
1 * Reflector

Suitable for:
Fits almost every Flash on the market !
For Canon: 580EX, 550Ex , 540EZ, 430EZ, 420EZ , 430EX, 420EX, 380EX, 520EX ,300TL
For Nikon: SB24, SB25, SB26, SB28, SB28DX, SB50DX, SB80DX, SB800, SB600
For Minolta: 5600HS, 5600HS(D), 3600HS(D), 3500xi, 5400HS, 5400xi, 5200i
For Sigma: Sigma 500 Series
For Sigma EF-500DG, EF-500DG Super
For Sigma EF-500 DG II, EF-500 Super II
For Contax: TLA 280, TLA 360
For Metz: 40-MZ-2, 44 AF-4, 40 AF-4M, 54 MZ-3 , 44 MZ-2, 54 AF-1C, 54 AF 1N, 44 AF-4C, 44 AF 4N, 54 AF-4i, 54 MZ-4, 40 MZ-3i , 54 MZ 3, 54 MZ 4, 36AF
For Sony: HVL-F32x, HVL-F1000
For Olympus: FL40, FL50, G40, FL36
For Sunpak: 2000DZ, 266D, 355AF, MZ440AF, PZ5000AF
For Vivitar: 2500, 273, 3500, 5200, 550 FD, 728AF, 836, 840AF, 850AF, DF200
For Achiever: 260AF, 260T, 630, 828, 828TW, TZ250
For Cobra: 480AF, Auto280
For Nissin: 360TW, 360TXP, PZ400-c-n-m
For Promaster: FT-1700, FTD5700, FTD6500, FTD7000M
For Pheonix: 80DZA,82ZBDA, D79-BZS, ZB1-92N
For Pentax: 330FTZ, AF500FTZ etc. .

Color: White
Material: Cloth
Net weight: 14g

Package Include:
1 x Flash Diffuser

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