Meike FC-100 FC100 Macro Ring Nikon (svi modeli) AKCIJA

Meike FC-100 FC100 Macro Ring Nikon (svi modeli) AKCIJA

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Postavljen: 27/06/2018

Oglas viđen: 170 puta

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Meike FC-100 for Canon Macro Ring Flash Light MK FC100 for Canon for EOS 650D 600D 60D 7D 550D 1100D T4i T3i T3

Meike FC-100 for Nikon FC100 Macro Ring Flash/Light for Nikon D7100 D7000 D5200 D5100 D5000 D3200 D310


The Meike FC-100 is a ring type macro flash light designed particularly for close-up, medical, scientific, forensic photography, etc. Built with 32 pieces high intensity LED's, this Meike macro ring flash illuminates the subject, no matter how low the lighting conditions are. You can use this LED flash light as an instant flash or for non-stop light photo shooting, which is mainly required in close-up photography. Equipped with pre-flash system, this Meike macro ring flash allows you to turn on either full illumination or partial illumination, depending on the lighting situation.


More approach natural light use high quality led light. There are seven levels luminance.
Attached are equipped with 52mm, 55mm, 58mm,62mm, 67mm, 72mm 77mm, seven different adapter ring, so you can use it with almost any type of lens.
Featuring an exposure time of 1/100 seconds.
Four working mode: Light mode, Flash mode, L mode(Left half of the annular flash), R mode(right half of the annular flash).

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