Torba za Boom Stativ (SandBag) Univerzalna - Zuta

Torba za Boom Stativ (SandBag) Univerzalna - Zuta

din 1.380,00

Postavljen: 09/08/2018

Oglas viđen: 40 puta

Kontakt telefon: 0644504508


Stanje: Novo / Nekorišćeno

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Portable Mini Folding Studio Portable Photography Mini Studio Foldable Softbox with Black/white Backgound Soft and Lightbox - 1 kom.

1pcs Canvas Double Photo Studio Counter Balance Weight Sandbags for Flash Light Stand Boom Tripod Yellow and Black
1. Made of canvas material, with double-layer metal zipper and nylon handle of two layers built-in metal plate; with two independent pouches, each can be loaded with sand or heavy objects of about 2. 5kg;
2. The total length is about 53cm, width 25cm, weight about 210g;
3. Mainly used for studio or outdoor, press and hold the bottom of light stand or tripod to maintain balance, or hung onto boom arm to maintain balance; or placed at the bottom of lens for shock absorption; multiple sandbags can be used in combination.

1 X Sand bag

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